May 29, 2024

I love animals, especially dogs. When I was a small child, my parents got our family a cute little dog that we named “Penny” because she was copper colored. I now feel that she was a cute little cocker spaniel, but at that time all I knew was that Penny was a great little dog that followed me around all over the neighborhood.

There were a large number of kids of all ages in our neighborhood. During the summer, we spent most days playing outside. On one occasion, we were playing “Simon Says” in the yard across the street from us. The boys were not very nice to those of us who were younger than they were. On this particular day, the oldest boy in our group was standing on the top of a porch (which had no handrails on either side) giving the directions in the game. At some point, I ended up on the top step. I don’t know what I did to anger the boy but he pushed me off the porch! My dog, Penny, then ran up and nipped at his ankle. Shortly thereafter, Penny suddenly disappeared from my life! I was devastated!! All my parents told me that they had to take her to the Animal Shelter. My feeling is that the boy’s parents made my parents get rid of the dog fearing that she was dangerous.

As I grew older and learned more about animal shelters, I found out that a great deal of them have to euthanize many of the animals they get because of space considerations. All over the country, there are animals being put to death simply due to the fact that the shelters have no room to keep them housed. There are also people who get dogs and cats without thinking about the consequences of their actions or how those animals are going to acclimate to their family and many of them are returned to the shelter.

For many years, I have supported the ASPCA in trying to shut down the “puppy mills” that don’t take care of their animals. My current dog is named Holly (her picture is in the logo at the top of the page) and I adopted her from a shelter in December 2018. When I saw her in the holding pen, she had just been spayed so she had a collar on. Her teeth were almost totally black, she smelled horrible and she needed serious grooming! Also, her nails were so long she could hardly walk! I was aghast at her condition and immediately adopted her. As soon as her collar came off, I took her to get cleaned up and booked an appointment for her teeth cleaning. She is now a beautiful, happy dog who follows me all around my house.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a pet, check with your local Animal Shelter. There are also many rescue organizations that you can check with to find the perfect pet for your family. They have more than just dogs and cats. I’ve seen birds and other animals available also. I would volunteer at my local shelter but, unfortunately, I’ve become allergic to cats and dogs that shed, which breaks my heart. Check with the ASPCA for more information if you desire.

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