May 23, 2024

SOME OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER USED!!! As one who believes in natural products to improve my health, I must say “up front” that I’m not a doctor or anyone connected with the medical or health supplements community but I have been using various natural supplements for many years to improve my health.

Having severe osteoarthritis has caused me to have many joints replaced over the years due to increasing pain as I aged. Did you know you could have your thumb joints replaced? Well, you can! And I have had both of them done in the last few years. The pain in the thumb joints was caused by many falls that I took over the years when I put my hand down to brace myself. Both my knees, my right hip and right shoulder have also been replaced. Thank goodness for those procedures because the pain got to be almost unbearable! In addition, I have Fibromyalgia which affects the muscles, tendons and joints. People with Fibromyalgia may also experience stiffness and tenderness with widespread pain. Like many of you, I live in constant pain all day long. I believe that many of my falls were connected to the lack of strength in my muscles due to the Fibromyalgia. These ailments tend to sap my energy.

As I said, I have tried many different  supplements over the years and some will work for a while but then seem to stop working. I have recently begun taking supplements from a company that I have heard about but, thus far, haven’t tried. I have purchased two of their products to evaluate how they would help me in my search for something to make me feel better. The first product I ordered is the Eternal Reds. It’s a rejuvenating powder that combines the power of 10 polyphenol-rich superfoods. Polyphenols are a category of plant compounds and regularly consuming polyphenols is thought to boost digestion, brain health and protect against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers. Red wine, dark chocolate, tea, and berries are some of the best-known sources. Eternal Reds contains quite a long list of the bright-colored red fruits and vegetables. The Revitalizing Berry flavor is absolutely delicious!

The second product I purchased was the Low-Carb Pasture-Raised Four-Protein Blend in the Strawberry Banana Flavor. This one is also very tasty! In fact, I often mix the two products together which is the way I prefer to use them as the mixture tastes awesome to me. I start my day with this mixture. The product can be mixed with water, milk or coffee. It can also be used as a pudding or in yogurt, oatmeal, and pancake mix. The protein blend can be used at any time of day and contains 24 grams of protein. As we age, our protein needs go up and several studies have indicated that our bodies are already entering middle age by our mid-20’s! So it’s important to be sure to get enough protein as we get older. In addition, both of these products have negligible sugar listed in their Nutrition Fact list.

As a result of taking these two products, I have seen increased energy and better memory which makes me extremely happy. I’m now considering which one of their other products to evaluate next. If you sign up for a subscription, they offer a 40% discount! They also offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee which gives you a good time-frame to try the products.

If you are interested in learning more about their many products or trying any of them, click on the “Stores” link above just below the logo and search for the “BioTRUST” link.