Cruising can be SO MUCH FUN!
April 5, 2024

Do you like the idea of going on a cruise?
If you haven’t ever taken a cruise, you might want to consider one for your next vacation. I believe they are one of the best, most fun and budget-friendly ways to travel. There are so many things to do on the ships with eating establishments galore, movies and shows every night, shopping, different sports and beautiful pools. So many types of cruises and different destinations are available that it can be almost mind blowing when you start to consider where you can go and what you can do. At each port, they offer many different types of excursions so that sometimes you want to stay in that port longer so you can experience more than one excursion.

Do you have children?
Consider going on a Disney cruise where your children can dance with Mickey and friends, marvel at evening fireworks, enjoy award-winning live musicals, and much more! Their staterooms have big, comfortable tubs, which makes it easy to bathe away the last traces of a day of fun. Even if you don’t have children to bring, your own inner child will be delighted with everything offered. Plus you can dine in adult-only restaurants or relax in the spa to soothe your tensions away from the stress of normal living.

Do you think that they are too expensive?
The cruising industry is very competitive and if you search, you can find fantastic deals on a cruise. Most cruise lines offer “last minute deals” so if you can pick up and go with very little notice, you will find the best deals. The cruise line needs to fill all their rooms, so the closer you get to the departure date of a particular cruise, the more you can save. You can sometimes snag a larger room than you want because of a cancellation, so you might find yourself in a prime stateroom on a fantastic ship for a tiny price. Options for cruise lines, ships, dates, and itineraries fluctuate, so if you can’t find something that excites you, check back often!

Are you wondering what their travel route is?
Some of the most popular cruises are to the Bahamas, Caribbean and Alaska. Disney cruises are extremely popular also. However, there are cruises down the Mississippi, to Iceland, through the Panama Canal and almost any place you would like to visit. In fact, my cousin just took a cruise with her husband that went through the Panama Canal and then up the West Coast of the US. It was so fun to see all her posts as she traveled from stop to stop. My mother always wanted to go on a cruise and when she finally talked my father into it (although he went very reluctantly), he fell in love with it and they went on several more to different destinations. He was so amazed at all the activities onboard plus all the different tours that were available at the ports of call. Plus, he was an economist so really appreciated the value of the many amenities included in the cost of the cruise.

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